If your rug has seen better days, maybe from constant use from a pet or your children, then let Liddle Services help return it back to its former self.


A rug can make all the difference in a house, from making a living room look brighter to helping to make your bedroom or kitchen look more spacious. It is therefore vital that your rug is looking good all year round and is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis.

Expert rug cleaning services in Fife

Don't let a rug cover up a stain on your carpet

It is not uncommon for home owners to use a rug to cover up a stain on a carpet. With our expert carpet cleaning services, we can remove those unwanted stains and bring your carpet back to life. You can then put your rug where you actually want it to be, rather than covering that old stain!


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A clean rug can brighten up your home

let us clean your rugs, removing spills and stains from pets and children spacious room with superb views